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GitCatalog offers a structured solution to index and manage the hundreds or thousands of teams and services in your organization.


out of the box

Large companies have a team dedicated to organizing their teams and services, however, most companies don’t have that luxury. With GitCatalog you don’t need any additional resources. Our out-of-the-box solution is easy to implement, frictionless to maintain, and flexible so you can customize to meet your company’s technical and business needs.

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mobile supported

We know you’re not always at your desk. Whether you are in a meeting, traveling, or just away from your computer GitCatalog’s mobile app helps you get your job done no matter where you are.

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Built for Developers

GitCatalog is built for developers first. It’s optimized for the environment where you are spending most of your working time. No need to push a bunch of UI buttons. A few command lines will do the trick.

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